NEW - Tank Battle

January 2021

WW2, and a German intercept station picks up news of a Soviet incursion across the boarder  


NEW - German Flak Emplacment

October 2020

Somewhere is Europe replacement troops arrive to support a Flak emplacement


NEW - Convoy Under Attack

September 2020

Joint Spec Ops convoy in the Middle East comes under an attempted ambush as the convey escort Humvee comes under attack


Class 52 troop loading

Jan 2020

Celebrating the milestone that is Peter Shaw's 90th Birthday, this scene depicts a mass loading of german troops during WWII. This also  kicks off our 2020 photoshoots with many more tom come!



July 2011

It is April 1945 and rumours have spread that the SS were proposing to fight it out in a Fortress built deep into the Southern Alps. Gen. Eisenhower authorised Recon Units in force to penetrate to the South to cut off any such attempt. What was found were Strategic Reserves of heavy equipment set up by the German High Command earlier in the war.

These stockpiles had maintenance crews but these were withdrawn to fill the shortage of manpower at the front, hence they fell into decline.



Christmas 2017

In the third of our shoots from the airfield inside the Stalingrad pocket. The last flight out has long gone and the survivors freezing and starving are taken by surprise by a patrol of Aerosans that sweep in.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


Rumble in the Jungle - Part II

Christmas 2015

Teams of elite US Special Forces on a mission in a South American jungle find More than they bargained for.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all


German SS scramble into action

October 2015

Upon hearing of a large Aliied invasion over the skies in Holland , a resting German elitle division is scrambled into action.


British Commandos sabotage

June 2015

Britsh Commado sabotage group sent into France before D-Day to cause disruption to the Axis forces.


Operation Varsity - The battle for Hamminkeln

March 2015
March 1945, the largest single airborne drop in history is underway. Due to pilot error some of the US 17th Airborne are dropped on British glider drop zones where they rallied and aided the British 6th Airborne division eliminate German artillery batteries.

Once the German troops in the area had been eliminated, a combined force of American and British airborne troops stormed Hamminkeln and secured the town.


A Rumble in the Jungle

Christmas 2014
Teams of elite US Special Forces on a mission in a South American jungle find More than they bargained for.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all


Gran Sasso Raid

November 2014
This was one of the most daring raids in WW 2 and involved the landing of gliders on a Mountain to rescue Mussolini from captivity.


Red Army Advance

October 2014

As the war drags on the Red Army advance is overwhelming. Even so local counter attacks by the Germans still have some success and after one such event the remains of two units come upon each other in the woods by some disused huts.


Normandy Counterattack PART3

June 6th 2014

After the instense battle allied forces arrive sending the attaking forces into retreat


Normandy Counterattack PART2

March 2014

US Airborne forces face an overwhelming German counterattack trying to resecure the rail line.

Can they defend the town long enough until allied reinforcements arrive fro the beeches


Normandy Counterattack PART1

February 2014

it's Day + 4. Having secured a small strategic town in Normady France US Airborne forces are alerted to a German counter attack to resecure the rail line.

Their orders are to hold until beach-head re enforcements arrive



January 2014




August 2013




April 2013




December 2012

At an Airfield somewhere in Southern Europe, Fallschirmjager are to be seen loading into JU 52's and DFS 230 Gliders for an airborne assault behind Allied Lines.


Vomag Flak Site

October 2012

An emergency Flak position is being set up to strengthen the defences of an important Factory which intelligence has indicated will be a target for Allied Bombers.


Tank Advance

September 2012

Troops provide close in protection against enemy tank hunting teams for a Panzer column passing through a destroyed town.


Vietnam search and Patrol

July 2012

Set during the backdrop of early 70's Vietnam, this squad has been tasked to clear up small pockets of VC along the river



May 2012

This album is a selection of shots made up from some of the shoots from recent years, newly reworked and re-edited by John our Photoshop wizard.

These are currenlty featured in Peter's calender (hence why there are 12 shots!)



November 2011

This second series of pictures shows the activity happening on the other side of the Airstrip after the JU 52 had been unloaded. Whilst this is not the last plane out of Stalingrad it is getting near to the end and we have endeavoured to show the grim reality of men fighting for a place on this flight.

A small number of disciplined troops are trying to maintain order, using extreme force if necessary. The flight control tower is still operating but under almost impossible conditions.



October 2011

Our Diorama is based in North West Europe and shows the operation of a K5 Railgun of which over 25 were constructed during WW 2.

The scene is about emergency Gun Drill for a new crew to replace losses suffered from a surprise Allied airstrike. The gun was caught outside its protective tunnel before the Diesel Loco, a WR 360 C 12 could pull it back to safety.



July 2011

It is April 1945 and rumours have spread that the SS were proposing to fight it out in a Fortress built deep into the Southern Alps. Gen. Eisenhower authorised Recon Units in force to penetrate to the South to cut off any such attempt. What was found were Strategic Reserves of heavy equipment set up by the German High Command earlier in the war.

These stockpiles had maintenance crews but these were withdrawn to fill the shortage of manpower at the front, hence they fell into decline.

Our Dio shows one such situation where in a desperate bid the Germans tried to re-activate with a scratch gun crew on DORA which had been positioned to control a major Alpine Pass. A large US Recon Unit forced the crew into a rapid evacuation and the subsequent occupation by troops under the command of Genaral Patton.


Vietnam: SEALS Search & Rescue

July 2011

On a river in Vietnam, USN Seals assemble a flotilla of boats comprising a PBR, Light Seal Support Craft and a Medium Seal Support Craft to undertake a rescue mission for a downed Pilot up river. With Air support the mission is successful and the Pilot is recovered from a backwater jungle enviroment.


U Boat Pen

October 2010

In a port on the Western Seaboard of occupied France a Schnellboot is leaving after emergency repairs for damage sustained in a gun fight with British Coastal Forces in the Bay of Biscay. Entering the Pens is a U Boat returning from the North Atlantic after a successful Patrol, indicated by the tonnage pennants flying from the Conning Tower. On the adjoining dockside is a 2 man torpedo of the Maiale class on loan from the Italian Navy for evaluation tests by the Kreigsmarine. A Bilsten crane is about to lower it into the water.


Bridge Capture

July 2010

Poor co-ordination resulted in parachute troops arriving late to capture bridge at the same time as the armour. The commander on the spot orders the advance across the undefended bridge.


The  Overnight Refuge Part 2

June 2010

A US unit in hot pursuit takes advantage of the facilities when the previous occupiers left in a hurry.


The  Overnight Refuge

June 2010

Fighting a defensive battle and retreating from the advancing Allies, a small German Kampfgruppe seeks overnight refuge in old Castle ruins.


Ferry Evacuation

Feb 2010

Ferry evaculation


Scorched Earth

Nov 2009   

German troops retreating on the Russian Front carry out a policy of Scorched Earth as ordered by Von Manstein in an effort to slow down the advancing Russian army.


D-day. Operation Tonga - taking of Peg Bridge

July 2009   

5th June 1944, the 1st strike on D-Day, Major John Howard from the Ox and Bucks light infantry leads a specially trained gliderborne unit to secure two canal bridges (codenamed Ham and Jam) over the River Orne to allow allied invasion forces a foothold in Normandy. Their mission was to secure and hold the bridges until relived by the invasion forces.

V1   Air lift to Stalingrad
July 2009   

Essential ammo drop and shipping out the wounded from the Eastern Front.
V1   Dora Construction images
July 2009   

V1   D Day landings Utah Beach
June 2009   

A US forces land at Utah Beach.
V1   Normandy Street Fight & Ambush
June 2009   

As the allied advance moves in land in Normandy a column made up of mispalced airborne, rangers and infantry enters a small Normandy Town not expecting to find any resistance and runs into a German Ambush with a Tiger and an 88 in waiting resulting in a close fought street fight.
V1   Skirmish on the Eastern front
May 2009   

A small contingent of German Troops fight a rear guard action from a well prepared Dugout but all to no avail  and are destroyed.
V1   V1 Launch
January 2009   

As the Allies advance across Northern Europe the permanent Launch sites are destroyed or captured. This leaves the Launch Crews no option but to resort to portable ski ramps in primative conditions in secluded forests to keep up the momentum of attack.
  V2 Unloading
October 2008   

This shows the unloading sequence from the improvised railhead to the
awaiting Technical Troops for checking out all Systems. The Warhead which was carried seperately in a special container during transit is also
mounted and then the Rocket was handed over to the Launch Crew.
V2 Prepare To Fire   V2 Preparing to fire
January 2009   
Gale force winds have forced the Rocket Troop to take refuge in the Market Square
of a North European Town in a desperate move to be in range of London before the Allies over run the launch site. Meanwhile a Lancaster bomber turned back from a raid on the Ruhr with engine problems receives an escort of fighters for the journey home. However,a target of opportunity comes in sight. Will the V2 be launched
before it is destroyed?
Pointe du Hoc #2   Firefight
January 2009   

It is D + 10 and misplaced American Airbourne have linked up with Allied ground forces clearing out stiff German resistance in yet another Town in the Carentan Peninsula in their endeavours to capture the Port of Cherbourg.

  Pointe du Hoc
October 2008   
The US Rangers scale the Cliffs from a seabourne landing and attack the
German Gun Battery and Observation Post at the top of the Pointe du Hoc to
prevent their use against the Landings at Omaha Beach.
  The Escape
October 2008   
A collection of mixed units from various Divisions desperately try to escape from the encircling Russians over the last remaining bridge to freedom.
Click to view photo diorama   Class 52 and Morser Karl
April 2007   
The Class 52 Kondenslokmotiven & Morser Karl train was one of the mightiest forms of mechanised Axis weaponry. Our diorama features a 60' (18 meter) train built by Peter Shaw with night shots of the Karl Morser firing.
  Mörser Karl - Gerät 040 "Ziu"
March 2007   
The mighty 154 ton 60cm Mörser Karl - Gerät 040 "Ziu" - guaranteed to strike fear
into the hearts of the enemy. Firing a massive 60 cm 2 ton shell up to 4 km, it was capable of piercing a 3 meter thick reinforced concrete bunker. This diorama sees one such beast, "Ziu", being prepared for a fire mission on the Eastern front.
Open photo show in new window   Zurück von der Front
February 2007   
A cold winter's morning. Tired and weary from long hard months on the front, a few soldiers stir themselves to watch the scene outside. A few guards on the ground keep a watchful eye on the troops loading supplies onto the train. A lucky few men enjoy a hot cup of Ersatz coffee to try and warm their freezing bones.
  Winter Defense
December 2006   
A cold winter evening on the Eastern front. As the light fails a shot rings out. Desperately the men of Kampfgruppe Saar run to their defensive positions. As the snow fall changes to sleet, the cold and tired troops fight to hold off another tide of Ivans.
Open photo show in new window   Winter March
October 2006    
The warm days of Autumn have passed. A troop of weary men from Kampfgruppe Saar are moving towards the front line, cursing the savage Russian winter weather. They pass a small team of fellow soldiers preparing a secondary defensive line.
  Typhoon Airstrike
October 2006   
The Germans learned the hard way just how destructive an air strike from a
Rocket armed Hawker Typhoon could be, armed with four "60 lb" RP-3 rockets
under each wing, they earned the suitable nickname "Rocketphoons". The Class
52 has suffered 3 direct strikes, one of which has knocked the train off it's tracks.
  Luftflotte von Abt
September 2006   
A busy airfield somewhere in Western Europe. Pilots get their daily briefing,
whilst messengers deliver orders from HQ. All around the camp men go about
their normal business, unaware of what lies ahead.
  Class 52 Locomotive
August 2006   
A German Class 52 locomotive stops briefly on it's journey eastwards to offload troops and supplies. A solder stumbles in the hot midday sun, and is caught by his compatriots. An Opel Blitz loaded with troops, prepares to drive off.
  Siebel Ferry
July 2006   

A small Siebel ferry carries it's valuable cargo across the Mediterranean. A few
crew and managed to escape wonder how different life will be once - if - they land safely in Italy.

Updated album 04/03/07

  Machine Gun Team
May 2006   

A two man MG42 team wait patiently for the enemy to show itself.

Updated album 10/03/07

  Maintenance Stop
April 2006

Tiger 332 undergoes a much needed maintenance stop.Two members of the maintenance crew enjoy a short and well earned rest, whilst all around them
others work. The Tiger crew undertakes the heavy task of cleaning the deadly 88.

  Tank Riders
March 2006   
A cold winter morning finds a troop of Panzer Grenadiers commandeering a ride
on top of a war weary Panzer IV.
  8.8cm PaK 43/41
March 2006   
Under the watchful eye of their commander, men from Kampfgruppe von Abt position their PaK 43, ready to hold off the advancing enemy.
  Defence of the Motherland
March 2006   
A troop of young Soviet solders nervously await their first encounter with the
invaders of their homeland. Under trained and poorly armed, their love for Mother Russia is their greatest weapon.
  Stuck in the Mud
February 2006   
A Panzer IV falls victim the the spring mud of the Eastern front. A team of Panzer Grenadiers work furiously to free the tank, watched by a passing infantry troop.
  Destroyed Half Track
January 2006   

A battalion of American troops, fresh off the beaches of Normandy, march past a destroyed French farm. A disabled German half track lies at the side of the road, reminding the young soldiers of why they are here.

Updated album 06/03/07

  Panzer IV
December 2005   
Accompanied by a few stragglers and an army medic, a Panzer makes it's way cautiously through a wood.
  Upturned Tiger 1
December 2005   

Caught on the open, this Tiger didn't stand a chance. Blown onto it's roof by a Russian airstrike, a medic attends to the injured crew.#656A4C


  Rail Crossing
November 2005   

With it's winter paint still visible, Tiger 301 continues it's long march Eastwards. Crossing a railway line the crew keeps an wary eye out for the enemy.
November 2005   

A small troop advances cautiously through a light wood.
  Radio Team
September 2005  
'All units, Condor! Repeat, 'All units Condor!' The code they had all been waiting for crackled in the radio operator's head phones. Orders were barked from the back of the half track. The infantry once again heaved up their burdens and advanced towards another attack.
  Mighty Maus
September 2005  

It's 1945. The German forces are down to their last. In a desperate attempt to halt
the Red tide, staff at the Kummersdorf proving ground take an untested tank into combat - the mighty 188 ton type 205/2 Maus.
  Behind The Scenes

Photographs from behind the scenes, stretching back to time immemorial. Well, 2004.